Dabur Honey 650gm

Rs.185.00 Rs.199.00

About : Dabur Honey naturally contains carbohydrates, minerals and nutrients which are very beneficial for your health.      Instructions : Best before 18 months from packaging.     Ingredients : Honey(100%)..


Patanjali Honey 500gm

Rs.131.00 Rs.135.00

About : Patanjali honey is one of the most commonly used products and is a great source of natural sugar & minerals. Include honey in your diet and stay healthy.     Ingredients : Honey 100%..


Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam 500gm

Rs.71.00 Rs.75.00

About : An excellent taste of mixed fruit preparation. The assortment of different flavours creates a good fruity experience that you can enjoy in so many different ways. It is so tasty that you want to try it on bread or paranthas.                        Ingredients : Sugar, mixed fruit p..

Patanjali Honey 250g



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