Nivea Gentle Care Pure Talc 100gm


About : Nivea Gentle Care Pure Talc has the perfect combination of mild Nivea care and reliable protection against body odour. Its gentle fragrance stimulates you and leaves you feeling refreshed and cared for all day long.        Ingredients : Talc, calcium carbonate, aluminium stearate, parfum, parafin oil, lanolin alcohal...


Pond's Dream Flower Pink Lily Fragrant Talc 100g

Rs.74.00 Rs.78.00

About : Pond's Dream flower Pink Lily Fragrant Talc contains and is know for its skin care benefits and superior fragrance.                                         Ingredients : Talc, calcium carbonate, fragrance, glycol, iodine, cinnamyl alcoha..

Pond's Magic Freshness Talc 100g



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